Our Story

Managing Director, Juliet Tzabar and Creative Director, Dom Minns, met whilst working at digital agency, Victoria Real in 2000. They joined forces at Plug-in Media in 2006, and went on to produce interactive content for many of the world's best loved children's brands including BAFTA winning work for Big and Small, Zingzillas and Get Well Soon.  In 2013 they launched their own original, digital first IP, Tee and Mo, a multi-platform brand that has grown from web games, via short-form animated songs, to two animated TV series and a Youtube channel that has amassed over 350 million views.  

Brighton Zoo is a new chapter in their journey together - a meeting of minds and shared values on which to launch the next generation of digital kids brands.

A joint venture between Plug-in Media and Blue Zoo, the studio is founded on a long-trusted mutual respect between the companies, and provides a springboard for many future collaborations, bringing clients award-winning multi-platform production capability, based on Blue Zoo's establised infrastructure.